We offer live buying, selling, shipping, tracking, and payments for produce, all in one convenient online location.


See all the available produce prices for the day in one central, transparent location. Never wonder where your produce actually came from again. Track where your order is and when it will arrive in real-time.


Get the best price for produce every time. Instantly book trucks from a range of carriers with transparent locations and pricing. Get paid consistently and automatically.


Stop waiting for loads that aren’t ready. Automated communications between buyers and growers. Get new loads consistently and on time.



Trackter is an all-inclusive logistics hub for produce growers, buyers, and shippers. By creating a produce marketplace, Trackter allows you to get real-time pricing for produce and trucks, as well as to track where your produce is and when it will arrive in real time. Plus, Trackter makes payments simple with our custom ACH payment portal. No more guesswork - just enter your payment terms and we’ll handle the rest.


With Trackter, you can buy, sell, ship, and pay for produce from your smartphone or computer. Plus, you can keep track of where all of your current loads are in real-time with our state of the art tracking system. No more surprises, no more hassles.


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Download our mobile application to post bids, get quotes, and track shipping, all in real time! No more calling brokers - just open the app, and with the press of a button you can see live pricing, your open orders, and when to expect your truck to arrive.


Our network of customer-rated service providers spans the globe. See how many trucks are in your area.


Trackter is a fresh produce logistics hub with end to end food safety traceability. It monitors the supply chain from farm to shelf and enables growers, shippers, and buyers to make real time decisions based on reliable data.