Trackter is an Atlanta-based company committed to bringing the best available technology tools to the produce market. By providing transparency and convenience for produce buyers, sellers, and shippers, we hope to make life easier for the hardworking people putting fresh food on American tables.

With a combined three decades of experience in produce and technology, the Trackter team brings a unique skill set to building tools for the agriculture sector. Trackter is being managed by Jacob Shepherd and Joshua Whitlock. Jacob brings years of experience as a management consultant with Accenture Strategy’s digital finance practice to the business. Having worked with major technology and social media companies in the Bay Area, Dallas, and D.C., Jacob has extensive experience with mobile applications, machine learning, and emerging IoT technologies. Joshua Whitlock has worked in agriculture startups for the last decade. He has developed growing operations in states from Delaware to Mexico, with hands-on experience at every stage of those operations. This has given him substantial experience in supply chain, growing operations, and business development.

With expertise in everything from PACA to machine learning, Trackter’s dedicated professionals are able to create customized solutions that bring cutting-edge solutions to bear on real agricultural problems. With our extensive knowledge of how the produce market works, we guarantee that we can dramatically cut down the time growers, shippers, and buyers spend on administrative work. By freeing up that time, we hope to give everyone in the produce market the opportunity to get back to what they love doing - getting good food onto peoples’ tables.


Trackter is the first Grower Relationship Management tool on the market. We help you buy, sell, ship, and track your produce in a live marketplace with real transparency. Plus, our simple payment gateway helps you pay and get paid within the terms you have set. Stop wasting time with phone calls, and start spending your day on the things that matter.

Trackter is a fresh produce logistics hub with end to end food safety traceability. It monitors the supply chain from farm to shelf and enables growers, shippers, and buyers to make real time decisions based on reliable data.