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Stop wasting time with data entry and phone calls.

  • Collaborative Work Space
  • Document Automation: Passings/ PODs/ Invoices
  • Work From Any Device. No app to download
  • Partnered With Industry Leading 3PLs
  • Dedicated Logistics Coordinator
  • View Entire Operation On One Screen

No More Surprises.

Take control of your supply chain.

No Up Front Cost

Create your free account and get started within minutes.

Easy to Use

Easily monitor your entire operation from any of your devices.

Live Exchange of Data

Get instant passings, proof of delivery, invoices, and tracking data and share it with your trading partners.


What is Trackter?

Trackter is a total fresh produce supply chain management solution. We connect buyers, shippers, and logistics partners. Our system automates communications between these stakeholders in order to reduce phone calls, emails, and repetitive data entry and to ultimately enable all parties to generate higher profit margins.

How much does it cost?

We have flexible, volume based pricing for freight transactions for shippers on our platform that starts at $30/load. It is free for carriers and 3pls.

How do I pay my vendors?

Trackter features an ACH payment portal powered by Dwolla. Trackter does not store any sensitive information from our users.

What do you do with my data?

We give your data back to you and are currently building a more robust tool-set so that you can gain more insights from this data. We do not sell your data to 3rd parties.

How does the tracking work?

We have data partnerships that include ELD manufacturers and the carriers that the 3PLs on our marketplace use. Once a truck is dispatched, we begin pulling data from the ELD associated with that truck. Tracking is ended upon successful delivery.

Can I keep my existing 3pl relationships?

Yes. We encourage it. Trackter is able to integrate with any 3PL. Implementation time can take from 2 days to 2 weeks depending on the level of technology already implemented by the specific 3PL. If your sales rep works for a 3PL already on the platform, we can have them up and running in just a few minutes.


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